Vertical Integration

Backward linkages play a major part in our garments manufacturing processes. Azim Group has integrated itself with button, poly-bag and carton manufacturing respectively – all resulting in significant value addition. We also maintain key partnerships with renowned fabric suppliers within Bangladesh and neighboring Asian countries.

Our backward linkages reduce lead time and help us offer competitive prices in the international market. We are able to achieve it by effectively controlling the supply of accessories and ancillary services needed to produce the final product, thus enabling an uninterrupted production flow

Our button and carton factory -  Global Accessories Ltd. is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, and include a fully functional, environmentally friendly ETP. We actively avoid the procurement of hazardous raw materials such as lead, nickel, chromium and azo-compounds, making buttons and cartons hazard-free and safe to use. 

Our carton factory has a portfolio of the following products – Master carton (garments), Inner carton (garments), Neck Board and Back Board carton (garments), Frozen Fish carton, Printed label, Gum tape. Our button factory has a portfolio of the following types of buttons – Polyester buttons, Chalk buttons, Nylon buttons, Pearl buttons, Horn buttons, Logo buttons.

Our fully equipped and functional poly-bag factory - Grace Accessories Ltd has a production capacity of 5,000,000 dozens per month. Its product portfolio includes – Single poly bag, Hanger poly bag, Blister poly bag.

We have key partnerships with renowned fabric mills within Bangladesh and neighboring Asian countries. Significant portion of our fabrics are sourced locally from Hamid Fabrics Ltd. – a renowned leader in the manufacturing of solid dyed fabrics and yarn dyed fabrics. It helps us significantly reduce lead time, provide competitive prices and meet orders on time.