Social Events

Azim Group holds annual picnics for each of its manufacturing complexes. Past picnics have included trips to the Hill Tracts of Rangamati and Bandarban, as well as the coastal town of Cox’s Bazaar, which holds the longest natural sea beach in the world. The company arranges all transportation buses and vehicles to the picnic for all. A festive mood is present at these events where management, workers and their respective families engage in various fun activities, that include sports, music, drama, arts, culture and lottery with exciting prizes. Delicious food consisting of authentic dishes from the Bengali cuisine are also served to all at free of cost. Annual picnics are a time of celebration and reminiscing the achievements of the past year.


Various arts and cultural programs, including concerts and play dramas have been showcased during annual picnics and new-year’s eve events. In the past, workers have directed and staged dramas that displayed culture, customs and the beauty of their diverse faiths and backgrounds. This type of cultural dramas put on by workers are a delight to watch and represent Azim Group’s workforce who come from all faiths and backgrounds. Indeed, diversity is the strength of a progressive society, and at Azim Group, we are proud to be continuously learning from each other and growing as an organization.

During the winter season, Bangladesh is seen to be in festival season with wedding lights on streets and outdoor badminton courts throughout the country. At Azim Group, we celebrate every winter season by holding our Annual Badminton Tournament at this time. Employees compete in teams and with each other at this tournament, and valuable prizes are distributed to winning teams. This friendly Badminton Tournament strengthens interpersonal relationships between employees, motivates us to do well and helps with team building as well.


Cricket and football are the two most popular outdoor sports in Bangladesh, and attract mass following and participation. Azim Group holds annual cricket and football tournaments where its management and workers take part. Various teams are formed from within the organization to compete at the annual cricket and football tournaments. A large audience from our organization along with their respective families are present to witness the games, and often cheer on for the teams they support. Winning teams and exceptional performers are recognized with trophies and other rewarding prizes. Theses tournaments are an exciting occasion to look forward to.

On July 2018, mountaineer MA Mohit of Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking club along with his fellow mountaineers, Kazi Bahlul Maznu and Ikramul Hasan Shakil, climbed to the top of Mount Langsisa RI peak (21,085 feet) of the Himalayas. Earlier, MA Mohit became the second Bangladeshi to climb the Everest in March 2011, while Kazi Bahlul Maznu won five 600m Himalayan peaks and Ikramul Hasan Shakil won a 600 Himalayan peak once. Azim Group was the sponsor of this successful expedition of the Himalayan Peak. It covered all costs of the expedition including air travel, food, accommodation, Sherpa guide, peak booking fees.