Day Care Centers at our factory complexes have learning facilities for children, known as Early Learning Center. Children between three-years old and five-years old attend pre-primary education program at the Early Learning Center. Our pre-primary education programs have been developed in recent years in collaboration with Save The Children and PVH.


Sudokko is a skills development initiative funded by UK aid and SDC that provides vocational training to workers with little education within readymade garments (RMG) and construction sectors in Bangladesh. Sudokkho works with private employers to develop skills training systems that enable new and existing employees to acquire skills required for higher valued skilled and semi-skilled jobs. Our collaboration programs with Sudokkho allow new and less skilled workers to learn new skills within 15 days and apply them in the workplace. Workers receive training on discipline, quality, duties, compliance, housekeeping, and other skills.

Azim Group has a partnership with Asian University for Women (AUW) that gives our female workers the opportunity to further their education and become university graduates. Interested workers who pass admission tests and the University’s requirements, qualify for the “Pathways for Promise” program at Asian University for Women (AUW) to be full-time students at AUW’s campus in Chittagong. Azim Group workers who choose to study at AUW receive full scholarship from AUW while Azim Group continues to pay them monthly salaries as they would receive while working in factory. Upon graduation with a University degree from AUW, former workers are considered for managerial positions if they wish to return to work at Azim Group.


Prokousholi Mohammad Fazlul Azim Mohila College is a Women’s College in Hatiya Island, Bangladesh. Named after our founder - Mohammad Fazul Azim, the college currently has 871 students who are able to obtain BA, BSS, BBS degrees in Humanities, Sciences and Business. Azim Group purchased the land in the early 1990s and built the college. It was established in 1994. Mohila means women in Bengali. As a staunch supporter of women’s empowerment, Azim Group believes women’s education is important in a progressive society. We hope to continue making further contributions towards women’s education in Bangladesh.