Partnership Programs

A joint roadmap has been developed with ZDHC Foundation for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Greenpeace DETOX campaign, which advocates for clean water and fashion without pollution. The campaign’s goal is to eliminate release of all hazardous chemicals into the water. 

The aim of our joint program with ZDHC Foundation is to phase out the use of any hazardous chemicals by 2020, which applies both to the end product and the entire production process. This goal will be realized through continuous improvements across the supply chain and careful evaluation on chemical selection and procurement

The Higg Index is a suite of tools developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This industry self-assessment standard helps in measuring our sustainability performance with significant accuracy. It can also be used as an assessment for the improvement of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to achieve sustainable development.

The purpose of using Higg Index is to empower us to make continuous and meaningful improvements in the welfare of factory workers, local communities and the environment. It is primarily achieved through reducing energy, water and chemical consumptions as well as limiting air and GHG emissions, and wastage reductions.

Amfori BEPI was founded in 2013 and their comprehensive services help us in our quest to continue trading with purpose and focus on key environmental improvements. Their tools help us identify environmental hotspots as well as transform information into concrete insights and actions.

The purpose of the Amfori BEPI initiative for us is to track and measure progress in order to support targeted improvements. It covers a comprehensive scope of 11 environmental performance areas ranging from energy use and greenhouse gases to chemical management.