Our garment factory complexes have Day Care Centers, which accommodate babies of our female workers during working hours. The Day Care Centers are compliant with Bangladesh Labor Law – 2006, Section 94. The facilities provide milk, biscuits, muri and other snacks to the babies every day. Children between the ages of six months to one year are provided Lactogen, while children between one-year olds to five-year olds are provided Nido. The Day Care Centers are equipped with learning facilities for children as well.


At each factory floor, there is a Medical Assistant on duty at all times. Besides, at each factory complex, there are three doctors and five nurses on duty during working hours. They treat workers on a regular basis. The medical and emergency rooms are equipped with adequate beds and medications to treat workers for any illness.

Our garment facilities provide free health check-up to all workers with the collaboration of Health and Education for All (HAEFA). Health screening tests are provided on blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, arthritis, asthma, cervical cancer, gynecological condition, pregnancy, etc. Blood group tests are also done for all workers at free of cost.


We run health programs in collaboration with BRAC, the world’s largest development organization dedicated to empowering people by eradicating poverty, to raise awareness among workers about health and hygiene. The purpose of the Urban Development Programme with BRAC is to foster innovation and continuously improve the quality of life of our workers. This program provides free healthcare services, including subsidized medications. Blood grouping of all workers at our factories are done through this program.

Azim Group has an annual health program in partnership with United Hospital in Dhaka and Chevron Diagnostic Center in Chittagong. All management members from Assistant Manager to above are able to receive annual health check-up at United Hospital and Chevron Diagnostic Center. The company bears all costs.