Company Overview

Azim Agro Ltd. – a sister concern of Azim Group, was established in 2016. It is located in the village of West Shullokia, Noakhali, and stretches over 9.60 acres of fertile land, ideal for various kinds of agricultural activities.

Drastic economic growth in Bangladesh over the last two decades has led to rising incomes and mass urbanization. At the same time, demand for food has shifted away from traditional simple staples towards high-value agricultural commodities. Therefore, it presents an excellent opportunity for food producers and sellers of the country. Agro business certainly has potential to generate significant rural employment, raise rural incomes and enhance village economy.

Azim Agro Ltd. aims to meet some of the rising demand for agricultural commodities and create rural employment. Currently, four personnel are employed at the Agro site, who are engaged with various farming practices. Some of Azim Agro’s farming commodities at present are rice, soybean, nuts and various vegetables such as - potatoes, chilis, khira (fruit) and dal (protein).

In the future, Azim Agro hopes to utilize the land to its fullest organic potential. We are currently carrying out feasibility studies on starting a cruelty-free chicken farm and an organic biscuit factory. We hope to be a leading example of conscious and sustainable agro business.