From Sketch to retail product, we support our clients at all steps to deliver the best product. We have decades of experience in co-creation with leading brands around the world. Our skilled teams are adept at product development and innovative designing.

We welcome clients and prospective clients to visit our co-creation hubs in Hong Kong and New York. Our unparalleled co-creation team is a global leader in design and merchandising. Our garment showrooms in Hong Kong and New York are filled with fashion inspirations. We work with our clients to understand their brand, target market and needs to achieve the ultimate goal - delivering quality apparel collections at economic prices.


Our design team provides the following services:

  • Knowledge of trend insights to clients
  • Analysis of marketing circumstances for clients
  • Sourcing of fabric and presentation to clients
  • Creation of CAD for clients
  • Design and development of product

Our merchandising team provides the following services:

  • Communications with various parties for the best quality output
  • Listening to clients’ needs, and suggesting the best solution for them
  • Attention to quality control of the product

Our manufacturing team provides the following services:

  • Manufacturing the best quality products backed by three decades of experience
  • Handling of innovative techniques with expertise
  • Professional advices on manufacturing
  • Source analysis for clients
  • Steady delivery using organized infrastructures and manufacturing procedures
Our responsibilities do not end at product delivery. We continue to collect, analyze feedback from market activity and client satisfaction. Then we proceed to product modification. As an industry leader, we strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our services. We provide constant support for our clients and quickly respond to all circumstances.

Our design, merchandising and manufacturing teams are highly experienced and integrated in producing top quality garments, such as – dress shirts, sports shirts, dress pants, casual pants, denim and sweater. Performance products such as non-iron, cool-max, and easy care have also been mainstream within our product development