Factory Profile

Shailabil, Paruhala
Dhaka 1350

Tel: (880) 1974 167 752, 
Tel: (880) 1713 019 489

Transmission & Telecom Tower:
Power Transmission Line Tower
Radio & Telecom Tower
Sub-station Structures (Gantry)
Railway Electrification Tower
Radar Towers
Roof Top Towers
Lattice Steel Structures
Steel Monopoles, Ra Poles, Lamp Poles etc.

Hardware & Fittings:
Insulator String Fittings
Conductor Accessories
Vibration & Spacer Dampers
OPGW Fittings
Fittings and Accessories for Substations
Fittings for Power Distribution Lines
Fittings & Accessories for Railways Electrifications

Design Tools:
·    MS-Tower
·    PLS-Tower
·    Bocad- This software enables us to prepare drawings.The CNC data from the drawings can be transferred on time automatically from Bocad system to machines
·    Auto Cad
·  The plant has integrated facilities from Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Galvanizing and Testing of the Transmission Tower parts as per international standards.
High-end CNC machines are utilized in almost all processes, which provide high productivity, reliability and quality of the product.
Manufacturing processes include Cutting, Punching, Stamping, Notching, Bending, Heel Grinding, Punching/Drilling, Pickling, Galvanization and Chromate Coating.
·  The Testing Lab is equipped with the latest facilities to carry out routine tests like ultimate strength, yield stress, impact testing, chemical testing etc
This unit monitors and controls the entire manufacturing process—from ordering of raw materials through fabrication, galvanizing, packing and delivery.

The PPC checks customer specific requirements, plant capacity, jobs on hand, delivery schedule of the ongoing jobs.
The facility allows for manufacturing of complete towers under one roof. It is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery

This unit checks the erection of proto towers. Proto type tower assembly is done prior to mass production by our experienced erection crew which is responsible for checking every part of the tower to ensure every member and connection is in conformance with the approved drawings.

Types of testing done for tower:
·   Spectrometer - It is used for chemical analysis of metals.
·   Lab Testing - We have a state-of-the-art Chemical Lab which is used to analyze the chemicals used in our plant, water etc.

Manufacturer: Fuel Instruments & Engineers Ltd. (FIE)
Machine: Digital Universal Testing Machine
Capacity: (0-1000) KN.
1. Workshop Facility:

Name of Machine


Electro Discharge Machine

1 Unit

Surface Grinding Machine

1 Unit

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

1 Unit

Vertical Milling Machine (CNC):

1 Unit

Vertical Milling Machine

1 Unit

Lathe Machine

4 Unit

Shaper Machine

1 Unit

  1. Utility Facilty:

Name of Machine





126 KW

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)


20 KW



1640 KW


Atlas Copoo

90 KW

Sub-Station 33/11 K Transformer

Energy Pac

4000 KVA to 2000 KVA

Total Factory Land Area:  30 Acres
Tower Fabrication & Galvanizing Shed:  81,000 Sft
Hardware Manufacturing & Galvanizing Shed:  36,000 Sft
Raw Materials Store:  54,000 Sft
Hardware Finished Goods Store:  8,000 Sft
Chemical Store:  3,200 Sft

Proto Assembly Bed & Finished Goods Stockyard (Tower):  200,000 Sft.
45-60 days from the date of contract signing
Manpower (Optimum Production):  600 persons

Manpower at Detailing Section:
·   Graduate Engineer: 1 Person
Diploma Engineer: 3 Persons

     ·   Kamalendu Roy
         Executive Director 
         Email: kamalendu.roy@azimgroup.com

     ·   Kamruzzaman Shipon
         Manager Marketing
         Email: sales@gsel.azimgroup.com