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About Garment Manufacturing

Garments manufacturing is our core business. We have had the third garment factory in the country. Today there are about 5000 garment factories, earning about 18 billion dollars of annual revenue for the nation.

We are involved in both sweater and woven garment manufacturing. We have about 20 manufacturing units across Dhaka and Chittagong, producing 1.7 million pieces of shirt, 1.2 million pieces of bottoms and about 700,000 pieces of sweaters a month. We have a concise but very strong customer base and we produce garments for some of the leading labels of US and EU.

We make: dress shirts, sports shirts, cargo shorts, dress pants, chinos, pre and post cure wrinkle free trousers, basic and fashion denim bottoms and sweaters ranging from 3 to 12 gauge.

All our factories have very experienced and loyal workforce. A workforce that is aware of the need to increase efficiency and maintain quality while adhering to ethical and moral principles. Compliance is deeply rooted in our fundamentals.

Besides our Bangladesh corporate office and the factory offices, we have a sourcing and marketing hub in Hong Kong and a liaison office in New York. The entire management organogram was designed with only one thing in our mind: providing seamless service to the customer.